Virtual Bookshelf
The Virtual Bookshelf displays books written and edited by former IIAS fellows that were initiated or completed during their stay at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, and which acknowledge the IIAS in print. The books are the natural outcome of our visiting Research Group members’ stay at the IIAS – reading, studying, interacting with colleagues – and we are pleased to present them to you.


Palestinian Collective Memory and National Identity

Editor: Meir Litvak

Palgrave Macmillan, 2009


Charity and Giving in Monotheistic Religions

Editors: Miriam Frenkel and Yaacov Lev

Berlin and New York, Walter de Gruiter, 2009

Melville's Bibles

Author: Ilana Pardes

University of California Press, 2008

God's Mountain: The Temple Mount in Time, Space, and Memory

Author: Yaron Z. Eliav

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005: paperack, 2008



Ancient Jewish Magic: A History

Author: Gideon Bohak

Cambridge University Press, 2008



Islamic Piety in Medieval Syria: Mosques, Cemeteries and Sermons under the Zangids and Ayyūbids (1146–1260)

Author:  Daniella Talmon-Heller.

Brill publishing, 2007

"A World Fitly Spoken": Studies in Qur'an and Bible Exegesis, Presented to Haggai Ben Shammai

Editors: Sarah Stroumsa, M. Bar Asher, B. Chiesa And S. Hopkins

Jerusalem: Ben-Zvi Institute, 2007 (Hebrew)

Rejecting Refugees: Political Asylum in the 21st Century

Authors: Amy Shuman and Carol Bohmer

Routledge, 2007

מריכארד ואגנר עד זכות השיבה: ניתוח פילוסופי של בעיות ציבור ישראליות הוצאת עם עובד, 2006

Rhythms of the Brain

Author: György Buzsáki

Oxford University Press, USA, 2006