Virtual Bookshelf
The Virtual Bookshelf displays books written and edited by former IIAS fellows that were initiated or completed during their stay at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, and which acknowledge the IIAS in print. The books are the natural outcome of our visiting Research Group members’ stay at the IIAS – reading, studying, interacting with colleagues – and we are pleased to present them to you.


La preghiera secondo Origene: L'impossibilità donata (Prayer according to Origen: Impossible Made Possible)

Author: Lorenzo Perrone

Brescia: Morcelliana, 2011


"Concealed Writings": Jewish Mysticism in the Slavonic Apocrypha

Author: Andrei Orlov

Flaviana, Moscow-Jerusalem: Gesharim, 2011

[in Russian]


המעשים לבני ארץ ישראל: הלכה והיסטוריה בארץ ישראל הביזנטית

יד בן צבי, ירושלים, תשע”א


The Ma’asim of the People of the Land of Israel: Halakhah and History in Byzantine Palestine

Author: Hillel Newman

Yad Ben Zvi, Jerusalem, 2011

In The Midst of the Jordan: The Jordan Valley during the Middle Bronze Age (circa 2000-1500 BCE). Archaeological and Historical Correlates

Author: Aren M. Maeir

Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2011

Fundamentalism and Charismatic Movements

Editors: David Lehmann and Humeira Iqtidar

Routledge, 2011

Shamanic Trance in Modern Kabbalah

Author: Jonathan Garb

The University of Chicago Press, 2011

Taking Morality Seriously

Taking Morality Seriously; A Defense of Robust Realism

Author: David Enoch
Oxford University Press: USA, 2011


Continuity and Innovation in the Magical Tradition

Editors: Gideon Bohak, Shaul Shaked and Yuval Harari

Brill Publishing: Leiden and Boston, 2011

Saint Symeon the New Theologian, The Hymns of Divine Loves (Új Teológus Szent Simeon, Az isteni szerelmek himnuszai), Translation of the 58 Hymns, Commentaries,  Introduction, Study and Apparatus
Author: István Perczel, Illustrations by Mátyás Oláh
Budapest: L’Harmattan-Odigitria, 2010

The Philistines and Aegean Migration in the Late Bronze Age

Author: Assaf Yasur Landau

Cambridge University Press, 2010