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Research Groups at the IIAS

Annual Reports 


 number Groupyear
2018-2019     *Current
2018-2019     *Current
2018-2019     *Current
2018-2019     *Current
153Geometric, Topological and Computational Aspects of High-Dimensional Combinatorics2017-2018
152The Subject of Antiquity: Contours and Expressions of the Self in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures2017-2018
151The Day Unit in Antiquity and the Middle Ages2017-2018
150Stochasticity and Control in the Dynamics and Diversity of Immune Repertories: an Example of Multi-Cellular Co-Operation2016-2017
149From Creation to Sinai: Genesis and Exodus in Antiquity: Jewish, Christian, and Early Muslim Traditions in Interaction2016-2017
148Jewish Women’s Cultural Capital from the Late Middle Ages Through the Early Twentieth Century2016-2017
147Health and the Environment: A Unifying Framework from Individual Stress to Ecosystem Functioning2015-2016         
146The Legitimization of Modern Criminal Law2015-2016           
145A Lasting Vision: Dandin’s Mirror in the World of Asian Letters2015-2016          
144The Poetics of Christian Performance: Prayer, Liturgy, and their Environments in East and West (5th to 11th Century)2015-2016          
143Computability: Historical, Logical and Philosophical Foundations2015-2016          
142Galicia: Literary and Historical Approaches to the Construction of a Jewish Place2014-2015              
141The Visualization of Knowledge in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods2014-2015              
140Interpretation as a Generator of Religious Law: A Comparative Perspective2014-2015             
139Contextualizing the Cult of the Southern Levant in the Greco-Roman Period: Monotheism and Polytheism between Continuity and Change2013-2014
138Chinese and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism2013-2014
137Arithmetic and Dynamics2013-2014
136The Influential Child: The Role of Children’s Psychobiology and Socialization in Development2012-2013
135Neo-Aramaic Dialectology: Jews, Christians and Mandaeans2012-2013
134Convergence and Divergence in Pentateuchal Theory: Bridging the Academic Cultures of Israel, North America and Europe2012-2013
133Patterns and Processes in Organizational Networks2012-2013
132Molecular Electronics2011-2012
131Integrability and Gauge/String Duality2011-2012
130Bounded Rationality: Beyond the Classical Paradigm2011-2012
129Jewish Physicians in Medieval Christian Europe: Professional Knowledge as a Cultural Change2011-2012
128Practical and Theoretical Rationality: A Comparative Study2011-2012
127The Migration of Criminal Law Principles from National to International Law2011-2012
126Sovereignty, Global Justice and the Ethics of War2010-2011
125Cultural Archaeology of Jews and Slavs: Medieval and Early Modern Judeo-Slavic Interaction and Cross-Fertilization2010-2011
124Computation and The Brain2010-2011
123Algorithmic Game Theory: The Next Decade2010-2011
122Langlands Duality in Representation Theory and Gauge Theory2010-2011
121Encountering Scripture in Overlapping Cultures: Early Jewish, Christian and Muslim Strategies of Reading and their Contemporary Implications2010-2011
120Behavioral Decision Making2009-2010
119Personal Versus Established Religion: Revision and Stagnation in Eastern Christian Thought and Praxis (5th-8th Centuries)2009-2010
118Ancient Arabia (from 1st Millennium BCE th the Emergence of Islam) and its Relations with the Surrounding Cultures2009-2010
117Contesting Liberal Citizenship: New Debates and Alternative Forms  of Democracy and State Power in Latin America2008-2009
116The Concept of Urban Change        2008-2009
115The Sociology of Contemporary Jewish Mysticism in Comparative  Perspective2008-2009
114Interconnections and Regional Narratives in Mediterranean Archaeology        2008-2009
113Common Law Legal Transplants: A Comparative Historical Analysis2007-2008
112Moral Psychology, Moral Motivation and Moral Realism2007-2008
111Neurons and Cognitive Processes2007-2008
110Toward a New History of Hasidism2007-2008
109Combinatorics of Polytopes and Complexes: Relations with Topology and Algebra2006-2007
108Transmission and Appropriation of the Secular Sciences and Philosophy in Medieval Judaism: Comparative Perspectives, Universal and National Aspects2006-2007
107Charity and Piety in the Middle East in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Continuity and Transformation2006-2007
106The Interface between Evolutionary Biology and Game Theory2006-2007
105Movement Ecology: Establishing a Novel Interdisciplinary Field of Research to Explore the Causes, Patterns, Mechanisms and Consequences of Organism Movements2006-2007
104Occult Powers and Officiants in Near Eastern Cultures2005-2006
103Ethnography and Literature: Theory, History and Interdisciplinary Practice2005-2006
102Religion and Nationalism in Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu Worlds2005-2006
101Mu'tazilism within Islam and Judaism2005-2006
100Literary Dimensions of Medieval Jewish Religious Discourse2004-2005
99Foundations of Technology-Assisted Trading2004-2005
98One People, Scattered: The Role of Communication in Holding the Jewish Diaspora Together, 200-2000 AD2004-2005
97Law and Pluralism2003-2004
96On the Nature of Jewish Belonging in Contemporary Times2003-2004
95A Study of Palestinian Arabic Dialects2003-2004
94Toward a History of Sanskrit Poetry2003-2004
93Formation of Structure in the Universe2002-2003
92The Russian Context of Modern Jewish Culture2002-2003
91Greeks, Romans, Jews and Others in the Near East from Alexander to Muhammad: A Civilization of Epigraphy2002-2003
90Exclusivity and Universality in Shi'ite Islam2002-2003
89Judaism and Sufism2002-2003
88Exploring Stress Responses at the Cellular and the Organismal Levels2001/2002
87Human Paleoecology in the Levantine Corridor2001/2002
86Biblical Hebrew in its Northwest Semitic Setting: Typological and Historical Perspectives2001/2002
85The Narrative Turn in the Social Sciences: Implications and Promise for the 21st Century2001/2002
84The Apocryphal Texts from Qumran and their Place within the Literature and Religious Ideas of Early Judaism2001/2002
83Millennial Pursuits - Apocalyptic Traditions and Expectations of the End among Medieval Jews and their Neighbors2000/2001
82Molecular Medicine in the Service of Mankind toward the 2000s2000/2001
81From Hellenistic Judaism to Christian Hellenism2000/2001
80The Interaction of Nomadic Conquerors with Sedentary Peoples: Turco-Mongolian Nomads in China and the Middle East2000/2001
79Asymptotic Group Theory1999/2000
78Mechanisms of Canon Making in Ancient Societies1999/2000
77Law and the State in Classical Islam1999/2000
76String Theory1998/99
75Narratives of Rituals1998/99
74Studying the Zohar1998/99
73Computational Aspects of Protein Folding1998/99
72The Historicity of Emotion1997/98
71The Foundations of Physics1997/98
70Orthodoxy Through the 19th Century1997/98
68The Beginnings of Jewish Prayer1996/97
67Randomness and Dynamical Systems1996/97
66Signal Transduction in Health and Disease1996/97
65Chirality of Drugs and Chiral Recognition1995/96
64Visual Culture and Modern Jewish Society1995/96
63Meeting of Cultures in the Hellenistic Roman World1995/96
62Hebrew Linguistic Literature and Theory1994-95
61Sa'adia Gaon: Continuity and Change among the Jews of Islamic Lands1994-95
60Leibnitz the Polemicist1994-95
59Aspects of Rational Behavior in Philosophy, Economics and Psychology1993-94
58The Criminal Justice System1993-94
57East European Jewry between Tradition and Renewal1993-94
56Urbanism in Palestine and the East in the Roman and Byzantine Periods1992-93
55Computer Simulation Methods in Chemical Physics1992-93
54Interreligious Polemics1992-93
53Jewish History in the Mishna and Talmud Period1992-93
52The Arithmetic of Fields1991-92
51Society and Religion in Contemporary Judaism1991-92
50The Jewish World after the Expulsion from Spain1991-92
49Time-Resolved Spectroscopy1990-91
48Living Semitic Languages and Comparative Semitics1990-91
47Comparative Codicology and Paleography1990-91
46The Formation of Large-Scale Structure in the Universe1989-90
45Ecoratio: Application of Game Theory to Ecology, Evolution and Behavior1989-90
44Qumran Studies1989-90
43Enigmatic Modes of Culture with Special Reference to India1988-89
42International Economics and Market Structure1988-89
41Jewish Exegesis of the Bible1988-89
40Automorphic Forms and L-functions1987-88
39Spin Glass Theory and Application in Physics, Biology and Mathematics1987-88
38Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew1987-88
37Radicalism as a Response to Modernization1986-87
35East European Jews between the World Wars: History, Culture, Society1986-87
36Sephardi Jewish communities in the first centuries after the expulsion
34Laterality and Emotionality1985-86
33Absence and Negation in Literature and Literary Theory1985-86
32Targum and Cognate Studies1985-86
31Market Structure and Imperfect Competition1984-85
30The "Ulama": Their Sociopolitical Role and Religious Thought1984-85
29Jewish Societies under the Nazi Regime1984-85
28The Crusades and the Crusading Kingdom of Jerusalem1983-84
27Masora: Language Traditions and Medieval Grammatical Theory1983-84
26Biblical Israel in the Light of Historical and Archaeological Research1983-84
25Social Choice and Group Decisions1982-83
24Cross-Cultural and Cross-Linguistic Aspects of Native Language Acquisition1982-83
23Trends and Methods in the Present Study of the Bible1982-83
22Algebraic Topology1981-82
21Contemporary Arab Ideologies1981-82
20Cultural Links between Jewish and Christian Scholars in the 15th and 16th Centuries1981-82
19Origins of Modern Jewish Nationalism1981-82
18Model Theory1980-81
17National and Social Radicalism in Modern Times1980-81
16Demography of the Jews1980-81
15Methods and Principles of Scholarly Editions of Talmudic Texts1980-81
14Game Theory and Mathematical Economics1979-80
13From Jahiliyya to Islam1979-80
12Historical Lexicography of Hebrew1979-80
11Chemical Dynamics1978-79
10Changes in Middle Eastern Society and Institutions in the Last 300 Years1978-79
9Biblical Research and Ancient Near Eastern History1978-79
8Associative Rings1977-78
7Human Capital1977-78
6History of Rabbinical Literature of the Middle Ages1977-78
5Banach Spaces1976-77
4Monetary Economics1976-77
3Jewish Philosophy and Jewish History1976-77
2Ergodic Theory1975-76
1Talmudic Studies, Jewish Philosphy and Mysticism1975-76


New Directions in the Study of Javanese Literature