Qunatom Field Theory, String Theory and Beyond





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Arkady TseytlinHigher spin partition functions and scattering amplitudesTseytlin.pdf (256 KB)
Curtis CallanThe statistics of diversity in the immune system: of mice and men, T-cells and B-cellsCallan_0.pdf (2503 KB)
Daniel HarlowWormholes, Emergent Gauge Fields, and the Weak Gravity ConjectureHarlow.pdf (271 KB)
Dieter LuestClassical and quantum black hole hairLuest_0.pdf (1711 KB)
Edouard Brezin45 years afterBrezin.pdf (144 KB)
Erik VerlindeEmergent Gravity and the Dark UniverseVerlinde.pdf (7953 KB)
Eva SilversteinMassive particle production and oscillatory non-Gaussianity searchesSilverstein.pdf (2133 KB)
Gary HorowitzNew insights into quantum gravity from holographyhorowitz.pptx (2311 KB)
Hirosi OoguriCharacterizing the SwamplandOoguri.pdf (10677 KB)
Igor KlebanovThe Gross-Neveu Model Above Two DimensionsKlebanov.pdf (1098 KB)
Jeff HarveyWhat is moonshine trying to tell us?Harvey.pdf (3152 KB)
John IliopoulosSU(N) gauge theories and non-commutative geometryIliopoulos_0.pdf (2911 KB)
Lars BildstenHearing the Stars: New Insights into Stellar Interiors from Astroseismologybildsten.ppt (9775 KB)
Lars BrinkExceptional vs superPoincaré algebra as the defining symmetry of maximal supergravityBrink.pdf (11147 KB)
Laurence YaffeLessons from Numerical HolographyYaffe.pdf (18522 KB)
Leonardo RastelliReview of conformal boostrapRastelli.pdf (1406 KB)
Marc HenneauxHyperbolic Coxeter groups and Hidden Symmetries of GravityHenneaux.pdf (1088 KB)
Mikhail ShifmanTen-dimensional critical string as a soliton in four dimensional super-Yang-Mills theoryShifman.pdf (942 KB)
Nadav DrukkerAn Exact prediction of N=4 SUSYM theory for string theory IIDrukker.pdf (668 KB)
Nima Arkani-HamedThe future of particle physicsArkani-Hamed.pdf (3600 KB)
Rajesh GopakumarString Theory as a Higher Spin TheoryGopakumar.pdf (4878 KB)
Sean HartnollHydrodynamic theory of phase-fluctuating superconductivity: From vortices to Chern-Simons interactionsHartnoll.pdf (3048 KB)
Shiraz MinwallaA Charged Membrane Paradigm at large DMinwalla.pdf (179 KB)
Spenta WadiaS-matrix of Chern-Simons theories with fundamental matterWadia.pdf (308 KB)
Tom BanksFrom Asymptotic Darkness to Holographic Space TimeBanks.pdf (166 KB)
Zohar KomargodskiTrace Anomalies and the Correlation Functions of Coulomb Branch OperatorsKomargodski.pdf (535 KB)