Terms and Conditions for Fellows with Partial Residency


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The information below is divided into three parts: general information for all IIAS fellows, followed by specific information for overseas and Israeli fellows.




All fellows are required to participate fully in the work of their respective Research Group for the entire duration of their residency at the Institute. Unjustified late arrivals or early departures will result in stipend deduction.


Fellows are required to relinquish all teaching and administrative responsibilities outside of the Institute and suspend all external employment and/or special projects for the duration of their fellowship.


Fellows are responsible for organizing leaves of absence from their home university/research institute. The IIAS administration should be notified, six months prior to the Research Group residency, that the leave of absence has been approved. Written confirmation should be forwarded to IIAS Research Group Coordinator.


Fellows are required to spend their working day at the Institute to facilitate group meetings and seminars. They are expected to be present at the IIAS five days a week for a minimum of eight hours per day.


Dairy and vegetarian food is served Sunday – Thursday in the IIAS Dining Room at the cost of monthly 360 NIS.


Fellows are entitled to leaves of absence of up to twenty working days for fellows in ten-month residency, ten working days for fellows in five-month residency and six days for fellows in three-month residency. This includes absences for personal and medical reasons as well as absences in order to fulfill academic/professional obligations (e.g. participation in international conferences). All expenses for these outside academic/professional obligations will not be reimbursed by the IIAS.


Any absence must be reported as soon as possible. Approval for this absence will be done on an individual basis. Unapproved absences will be reflected in a deduction of the monthly stipend.


The IIAS Administrative Director should be informed two weeks in advance of all absences of more than three days.


We expect IIAS fellows to be visible participants in presentations offered at national and international institutes. All presentations at institutes other than the IIAS should be reported to the Research Group organizer, listing the title of the presentation, the date and venue of the presentation, together with an abstract of about 150 words, which will then be forwarded to the IIAS Director


Fellows presenting a talk at another institute, while in residence at the IIAS, are asked to mention their current status as IIAS Resident Fellows. PowerPoint presentations should prominently feature the IIAS logo, which can be downloaded from the IIAS website.


Fellows may advise doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars on research that relates to the group's project. Meetings should take place on IIAS premises.


All fellows of the IIAS are provided with an office, a computer and administrative services.



Overseas Fellows Terms


The IIAS will provide an apartment according to availability. Alternatively, the Institute undertakes to cover the cost of an apartment overseas fellows will rent independently up to monthly $1500 (upon submission of a signed contract).


In case the Institute provides the apartment, the monthly sum of approximately 2000 NIS will be deducted from the fellow’s grant in order to cover utility costs: electricity, water, gas, building committee dues, telephone, cable TV and Internet, as well as municipal taxes. A one-time cleaning fee of 600 NIS will be deduced from the fellow’s last stipend. Residence in the apartment is rent-free for the duration of the Fellow’s residency. Requests to remain for a longer period in the apartment will be considered based upon availability at a weekly rate of $500. All apartments must be vacated by the end date of the fellow’s residency. All apartments are smoke-free. Fellows will be requested to sign an apartment contract upon arrival. Administrative Director Iris Avivi will counter sign.


Fellows receive a monthly stipend for every month they remain in residence at the IIAS. The stipend is in the amount of $6000 per month for a fellow and $3000 for a postdoc.


The Institute undertakes to cover the travel costs (one round-trip economy class ticket) of fellows from their residence abroad to Jerusalem. The Institute also covers the travel costs of a fellow’s spouse/partner, and children under the age of 18, provided that they remain in Israel for 3 months for a 5-month residency and 7 month for a 10-month residency.


The Institute will cover shipping costs of research aids, such as books and computers, up to a total of $500 each way for fellows coming from the USA and $300 for fellows coming from Europe and Asia.



Israeli Fellows


Consent from the fellow's home university should be in writing, with a copy provided to the IIAS, at least six months before the Research Group begins its residency.


Fellows are obligated to organize the leave of absence from their home university/research institute. When residency begins in the middle of a teaching period, fellows must obtain a formal release from their teaching/administrative obligations at their home university. The IIAS staff can assist when necessary.


Fellows from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem may be asked to teach up to one third of their normal course load while in residence at the Institute, but no more than one day a week. The IIAS Director must approve of the teaching schedule prior to final acceptance.


Fellows will continue to receive their regular salary and standard fringe benefits, e.g. payments toward a sabbatical fund, research funding and other compensations from their home university/institute. The IIAS undertakes to reimburse the fellow's salary to his/her university/institute, according to the signed agreement between the IIAS and the fellow's home university, for the duration of their residency at the Institute.


Fellows who are Emeriti, and receiving a pension from their university, will continue to receive their regular pension from their home university. The IIAS, in response to university employee regulations, does not offer double payment of a pension, or any additional fellowship funds.


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