General Guidelines


Research Groups


Research Group application submissions take place once a year. 


The final submission must be no later than December 1st (midnight), at least eighteen months prior to the expected beginning date of residency. You will receive a notification of a successful submission. The submission system will then be closed. Submissions sent after the deadline will not be considered. Please note that the submission is incomplete until you have received notification of a successful submission, together with an ID for your proposal.


In this section there are links to the application procedures for those interested in organizing a Research Group, as well as for those who wish to organize a conference and any special events, such as workshops. 


Additionally, the IIAS, as part of its collaborative ventures with NetIAS (Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study) and SIAS (Some Institutes for Advanced Study Consortium) offers a link to fellowship programs at both NetIAS and SIAS.



Research Groups Application Information