Dance Workshop

Amrih Widodo, The Australian National University

This workshop will introduce basic movements of Javanese classical dance as a means to explore the meaning and aesthetic experience of Javanese culture and language through body movements. 
By practicing a couple of Javanese dance styles, participants will learn the manipulations of the body and how the body movements are given meanings to express essential concepts and elements of Javanese culture, language and everyday life.  
At the end of the workshop, participants will perform a free-style social dance applying the movements learned in class with the accompaniment of Javanese music.
No prior dance knowledge and skills are required. 
Everyone is a dancer, hence is welcome to participate in this Javanese-style exercise.
Participants are advised to wear loose clothes and to bring along a long shawl or scarf.
Time: 60 minutes, including a 5 minute warm-up, during the lunch break on November 30th