Introducing Indonesia: History, Politics, and Culture

Event date: November 29 - November 30, 2017

    Ronit Ricci (The Hebrew University)


    Indonesia, with its thousands of islands, rising economic importance, hundreds of languages, rich performative traditions, and its significance as the world’s 3rd largest democracy, 4th most populous nation, and home to the world’s largest Muslim community, is no doubt worthy of study and engagement. And yet, due to historical and political factors, foremost among them the absence of diplomatic relations between Israel and Indonesia, Indonesia is barely on the radar of members of the Israeli academic community and the wider public.

    Introducing Indonesia: History, Politics, and Culture will be the first conference focused on Indonesia to ever take place in Israel. Conceived as a kick-off event for Indonesian Studies at the Hebrew University, it will showcase cutting edge research from the fields of anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies, religion, history, politics and media studies by some of the world’s leading experts on Indonesia. Topics will range from religious pluralism to colonial history, from foreign policy to gender, from separatism to social media to Islam. In addition to lectures the conference will feature a Javanese dance workshop, an Indonesian film and a gamelan performance, offering participants a glimpse of Indonesia’s vibrant arts.