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Daily Life at the IIAS



Welcome to the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS). Below you will find information about the IIAS and the Givat Ram campus, where the Institute is located.


Opening Hours

The building is open Sunday to Thursday. There is a code to unlock the entrance door to the building if you arrive before 7:00 or after 19:00 (available upon arrival).


Kitchenette and Dining Room

We consider participation in the daily lunch to be an essential element of life at the IIAS. Dairy and vegetarian food is served Sunday - Thursday, between 12:30-13:30   (for a monthly fee). Our dairy and vegetarian meals are prepared by our house chef, with a wide selection of salads and a varied main course.


Office Space

All offices are equipped with a computer, phone, bookshelf and basic office supplies. IT support, fax and photocopying is available.



Free wi-fi is available on all Hebrew University campuses.


Postal Services

Fellows and guests have individual mailboxes to the right of the staircase after entering the building. The box number is the same as your room number. Mail is distributed twice a day, in the morning and at noon. There is a Post Office on campus, in the Administration Building.



Opening hours: Reading rooms: Sunday-Thursday, 09:00-19:00. Circulation: Sunday-Wednesday 09:00-21:00. Thursday:09:00-19:00.


The Jewish National and University Library (JNUL) at the Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram. The library has a large collection of Judaica and Middle Eastern Studies and an extensive research collection in the Humanities.  A reader’s card may be obtained upon presentation of the University Temporary Faculty Card.


Bloomfield Library for Humanities and Social Studies on Mount Scopus A reader’s card may be obtained through our office, or through the group’s research assistant.


Mathematics Research Library at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics


Harman Science Library


Library Hours:

Circulation Department: Sunday - Thursday 09:00-18:00, Friday: Closed

Reference Department: Sunday- Thursday 09:00-18:00, Friday: 09:00-13:00


Reading Rooms:

Judaica, Oriental, General Rooms:  Sunday-Thursday 09:00-18:00 Friday 09:00-13:00

Rare Books: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00 Friday 09:00-12:45

Microfilmed Manuscripts: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00 Friday:  Closed

Newspapers and Periodicals: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-16:00 Friday:  Closed

Photocopy Service: Sunday-Thursday 08:15-17:45 Friday: Closed

Machines operated by credit cards are available at all times.



Parking at Givat Ram

Parking is available on the Givat Ram campus.


University Sports Facilities

Cosell Sports Center (pool, spa and physical fitness center)

Membership for Fellows is at the reduced rate offered to Hebrew University employees.


Public Transportation

Getting to the Edmond J. Safra Campus (located in Givat Ram)  from the Central Bus Station: Egged bus lines 14, 35, 68, 69  and from the City Center: Egged bus lines 7, 9

Campus Shuttle - The university operates a free shuttle bus service (from the Givat Ram Campus to Mount Scopus and vice versa) during the academic year and on school days only.

The shuttle is free with the presentation of your student or employee card.


Egged Bus Company

Rav-Kav Card: The Rav-Kav is a smart-ride card that enables travel by public transport.  The Rav-Kav is a multi-use card and may be reloaded with various types of ride tickets, such as a multi-ride ticket or monthly pass, and more. There are two types of Rav-Kav cards: personal and anonymous (transferable).

Anonymous or transferable non-registered Rav-Kav Card: In contrast to a personal Rav-Kav Card, your personal details are not required when applying for an anonymous Rav-Kav Card. However, the card is not insured. If it is lost, stolen or damaged, the funds are not refundable. The Card does not give its owner the discounts for which he or she is eligible. The Anonymous Rav-Kav Card can be purchased on board for NIS 5, and then reloaded with a regular multi-ride or single ticket.


Jerusalem Light Rail (Harakevet Hakala) Passenger Information