Stochasticity and Control in the Dynamics and Diversity of Immune Repertoires: an Example of Multi-Cellular Co-Operation

March 26- June 30, 2017
Organizers: Uri Hershberg and Gur Yaari
We propose to study the general problems of functionality and robustness in complex biological systems, through a focus on the adaptive immune response as a model system. The adaptive immune response is a complex system, which comprises many interacting cells that are subject to various sources of stochasticity. We will address fundamental questions in the field such as how B and T cell repertoires collectively go through a process of stochastic diversity generation and clonal selection, and consistently yield functional controlled immune responses in a noisy environment. This understanding will be important in developing control strategies to modulate the immune response (e.g., with vaccinations or immune therapies) since, while predictable in the aggregate, human immune responses can display marked variability. For example, a small fraction of individuals do not raise antibodies following influenza vaccination, and efficacy rates for vaccination in older individuals are generally under 30%. Infections with West Nile virus are usually asymptomatic, but some patients experience severe neurological disease and even death. The potential role of stochasticity at different spatial and temporal scales in driving these diverse yet robus responses will be a main focus of our research group.
Participating Scholars:
Sol Efroni, Bar-Ilan University
Nir Friedman, Weizmann Institute of Science
Ronald B. Gartenhaus, University of Maryland
Andrew Collins, University of New South Wales
Uri Hershberg (Organizer), Drexel Univeristy
Michal Or-Guil, Humboldt University
Gur Yaari (Organizer), Bar-Ilan University
Long-Term Visiting Scholars:
Phil Hodgkin, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Health
Michael Levitt, Stanford University 



DateTime and SpeakerTitleType
Tuesday 28.3.2017

Avigdor Eldar

Eco-evolutionary dynamics of microbial communication - me, us and themOpen seminar

Nadav Kashtan

Bacterial decision making on unsaturated surfaces
Tuesday 4.4.201712:00
Yoni Savir
Yeast response to multiple carbon sources: a case study of combinatorial signal integrationOpen seminar
Naama Barkai
Wednesay 19.4.201712:00
Ruti Hershberg
From boom to bust - the dynamics of bacterial adaptation under prolonged resource exhaustion.Open seminar
Omry Koren
We are not alone: a meeting with your gut microbiome
Tuesday 25.4.201712:00
Benny Chain
The T cell receptor repertoire in lung cancerOpen seminar
Itzhak Haviv
Wednesday 3.5.201712:00
Michael Assaf
Aspects of stochastic population dynamics in gene expression and cellular decision makingOpen seminar
Uri Nevo
Ecology resolves the complexity of immune self-tolerance
Tuesday 9.5.201712:00
Erez Braun
Cell-state organization: The living cell as a sloppy dynamical systemOpen seminar
Leila Perie
Deciphering the family tree of immune and blood cells
Tuesday 16.5.201712:00
Mickey Kosloff
Deciphering the structural design principles for interaction specificity among signaling proteinsOpen seminar
Eran Meshorer
Epigenetics and expression heterogeneity in mouse embryonic stem cells
Tuesday 23.5.201712:00
Sarel Fleishman
Learning from antibodies how to design new protein functions POSTPONED to June 27 (see below)Open seminar
Monday 29.5.201712:00
Tomer Kalisky
Cellular heterogeneity in kidney tissues and tumorsOpen seminar
Naama Brenner
Exploratory adaptation in gene regulatory networks
Tuesday 6.6.201712:00
Tamir Tuller
Building Models for Understanding and Engineering Gene Expression DynamicsOpen seminar
Adi Stern
Viral evolution: living on the edge
POSTPONED to June 27 (see below)
Tuesday 13.6.201712:00
Tal Shay
Challenges in extracting splicing preference from single RNA-sequencing dataOpen seminar
Martin Flajnik
The origins of cellular selection in adaptive immunity
Tuesday 27.6.201712:00
Sarel Fleishman
Learning from antibodies how to design new protein functionsOpen seminar
Adi Stern
Viral evolution: living on the edge

Wednesday 28.6.2017

Bartlomiej Swiatczak
Immune balance: Towards a dynamic view of immune behaviorOpen seminar