Intercontinental Academia: Human Dignity

Event date: March 6 - March 18, 2016

    Michal Linial (The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies)
    Ulrike Davy (Universität Bielefeld)




    Michal Linial (Israel Institute for Advanced Studies)Opening Reception
    Marcus Duwell (Utrecht University)

    (1) Concepts and Discourses around Human Dignity


    (2) A Kantian Account of Human Dignity


    (3) Human Dignity as the Foundation of Human


    (4) Human Dignity and Future Generations


    (5) Human Dignity: China and the West

    Bernadette Brooten (Brandeis University)

    (1) The Roman Catholic Church: From Slavery to Support for Workers’ Dignity


    (2) Slavery, Religion, and Women’s Dignity


    (3) “The Dignity of Created Beings” ('kvod habriot') as an Emerging Legal Concept in Jewish Law

    Raya Morag (Hebrew University)

    Representations of Human Rights in Israeli Cinematography during the Intifada

    Christine Hayes (Yale University), Moshe Halbertal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)Human Dignity in Jewish Sources and Jewish Thought
    Aharon Barak (Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya)Human Dignity as a Constitutional Value
    Michael Rosen (Harvard University)

    Dignity, It's History and Meaning

    Menahem Ben-Sasson (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)The Meeting Point between The Constitutional Charter of Rights, the Article on Override and Human Dignity – A Testimony
    Mordechai Kremnitzer (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

    (1) Human Dignity and National Security: Introduction, and a talk with Admiral Ami Ayalon (former head of the Shin Bet)


    (2) Balancing the (evolving) Right to Dignity with National Security in Israel


    (3) On the Dignity of Groups and the Dignity of Individuals: The Status of Palestinian-Arabs under Israel’s Constitutional Definition as a “Jewish and Democratic” State - Prof. Michael Karayanni


    (4) HCJ 5100/94 Public Committee Against Torture in Israel et al. v. The State of Israel et al. Judgment (1999) - With Adv. Banna Shugri Badarne


    (5) Challenges to Human Dignity in Health Care - with Prof. Mayer Brezis


    (6) Human (In)dignity In Brazil: Torture and the Situation of Persons Deprived of Liberty - with IAHD Fallow Akemi Kamimura


    Steering Committee

    Alon Harel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Benny Porat, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Hanna Lerner, Tel Aviv University


    Marc Schalenberg, ZiF (

    Nadiv Mordechay, IIAS (





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