Functional Polymers for Human Health

Event date: October 28 - October 30, 2018

    Avraham Domb (Hebrew University) ()


    Polymers are widely used in daily life in a variety of applications, from road construction to artificial hearts. This workshop focuses on functional polymers adapted to human health in the fields of medicine, personal hygiene, cosmetics, agriculture, and food. The developments in polymers include novel chemical structures of new features, surface modification and grafting, polymers that change shape in external stimulation, combining polymers and ceramic and metals, bioactive polymers, flocculants for water purification and food additives. The progress and utilization of computational design, engineering, nanotechnology and developments in biology and medicine have opened new horizons in the polymer field.

    It is the objective of this workshop to gather experts in the field for in-depth discussions on past, present and future of functional polymers for human health.




    Abraham DombThe Hebrew University
    Stanislaw SlomkowskiPolytech Lodz, Poland
    Robert LangerMIT, Cambridge USA
    Cameron Alexander Nottingham University
    Luis Campos Columbia University, NY, USA