The 37th Advanced School in Theoretical Physics

New Ideas for Old Puzzles

Event date: December 29 - January 9, 2020

    David Gross (UCSB, KITP)
    Nima Arkani-Hamed (The Institute for Advanced Study)
    Yonit Hochberg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    Eric Kuflik (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)



    The field of particle physics is entering an exciting new era. While the need for new physics beyond the Standard Model is still compelling, the lack of observation of such signals challenges our preconceived notions of what the new physics should look like. It is time for fresh approaches to the longstanding puzzles of the field. A wide array of tools from a broad perspective must be used so that new physics is indeed properly searched for and eventually discovered. These new developments will be the focus of the school, whose series of lectures will start from basics and reach the cutting edge of issues and results. Topics will include: new ideas for dark matter theory and experiment, new solutions to the weak scale, precision measurements for fundamental physics, machine learning, advances in cosmology, and future tests of the Standard Model.



    Nima Arkani-Hamed, The Institute for Advanced Study
    Dmitry Budker, University of California Berkeley / Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
    Timothy Cohen, University of Oregon
    Rouven Essig, Stony Brook University
    Yuval Grossman, Cornell University
    Jared Kaplan, Johns Hopkins University
    Matthew McCullough, CERN / University of Cambridge
    Joshua Ruderman, New York University