Feldenkrais and Mathematics: Integrating the "Feldenkrais- Awareness Through Movement Method" into Mathematics Education

Event date: October 21 - October 23, 2018

    Prof. Dorit Aharonov (The Hebrew University)
    Dr. Eilat Almagor ()
    Mr. Moishik Lerner ()

    The meeting will focus on a a revolutionary method which the three organizers, Dorit Aharonov, Eilat Almagor and Moishik Lerner, have been implementing in university courses and in schools over the past 4 years. The method combines the study of mathematics with "awareness through movement", namely the Feldenkrais method. Classes in this method are led by both a Feldenkrais and a math teacher; they include a movement lesson, and related conversations, in addition to the mathematics classes.


    The idea is that during the year, the students and teachers improve their awareness of the various aspects of themselves as learners. This process is accompanied with the development of a language in the class, in which these aspects can be addressed and a​rticulated. This type of awareness and improved learning abilities penetrate into the math classes which by the end of the year look very different and much more personal, involved, self motivated and interactive than in its beginning.


    The conference will include 3 days in which about half the time will be devoted to experiencing the method first hand, in workshops involving both Feldenkrais classes and math classes, as well as discussions and conversations about the experience; In addition, there will be lectures from experts discussing and shedding light on quest i​ons in related disciplines (Feldenkrais, education, brain research, mathematical research and more); we will also have panels for discussions of the questions that emerge


    REGISTRATION IS CLOSED - participation for individual lectures will be possible on the day.



    Preliminary List of Speakers:

    Dr. Eilat Almagor

    Prof. Amos Arieli

    Ms. Anat Baniel

    Dr. Eynat Berger

    Dr. Maya Bozo-Schwartz

    Ms. Channi Cappon

    Mr. Adam Cole

    Dr. Yulia Golland

    Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld

    Prof. David Kazhdan

    Prof. Raz Kupferman

    Prof. Shimon Marom

    Prof. Elizabeth Torres

    Prof. Eva Yablonka